The high quality CHINON lens newly designed for
Bellami HD-1 is made in Japan. The CHINON lens
provides an attractive scene beyond expression.
CHINON Lens specification
Focal Lengthy 4mm
Aperture F1.2
Lens construction all glass
7 elements in 6 groups
Old lenses come back to the present day

With an old lens, Bellami HD-1 will take us out from the boring easy camera world to the fun
filled skill learning camera world. The old lenses may have unique depiction different from the
one of recent lenses. Bellami HD-1 will be a perfect tool to express the individuality of the
old lenses. Enjoy the fusion of the elegant world created by the old lenses and state-of-the-
art technology of Bellami HD-1.

*D mount adaptor is attached to the camera body.
*C, CS and M42 mount adaptor are the optional accessories.
You can purchase them at CHINON website.
Introducing the lenses
The Bellami HD-1 can use the D, C, CS, and M42 mount lenses.
A D mount lens is commonly used on 8mm film movie cameras.
A C mount lens was commonly used on 16mm film movie cameras, and is used on a security or an industrial field camera today.
A CS mount lens is downsized lens of the C mount.
An M42 mount lens is a screw threads mounting standard for attaching to 35mm cameras.
Bellami HD-1 is an interchangeable-lens full HD Digital
Movie Camera. It can use not only the original CHINON
lens but also a variety of lenses: D, C, CS, and M42
mount lenses with dedicated lens mount adaptors. You
may be able to enjoy the fusion of the world created by
the old lenses and state-of-the-art technology in the
imaging world.

Its outstandingly unique design displays modern stylish
taste with a cool trigger-shape shutter; besides
retro atmosphere created by reminiscent of the old
8mm film movie camera.

Bellami HD-1 will offer you enjoyment of creating an
original story in the imaging world.

A metal die-cast frame is used on a camera body and
it insists on dignity and toughness of the camera.
With ISO 12800, the Bellami HD-1 can get the bright and
clear movies/images in dark places at 0.2 Lux or less than
that. This achieves by using the high sensitivity MOS sensor
and state-of-the-art image processing utilized for a camera as
security application usage.

We selected the 1/3-inch, 2.12 mega pixels MOS image
sensor from the large number of sensors in order to be
brought out of old lenses’ characteristics maximally.
The sensor of the 1/3-inch size fits to the 8mm film size
format and is used on the movie camera for the high-end users.
The electric view finder with 0.47inch, 1.44 megapixels active matrix color
LCD brings a high quality view images as a digital single lens reflex camera.
It achieves easy focusing with high resolution viewing images and easy viewing
with natural color view even in bright outdoor condition.
The widely supported shutter speed can get a clear movie or an
image even in a dark condition or at shooting fast-moving objects.
It implements from 1/30 sec. to 1/10000 sec. for a movie, and
from 2 sec. to 1/10000 sec. for a still image capturing.

Manual focus and aperture:
You can take your original movies or images with adjusting the
focus and aperture manually.
Create Full HD and HD movies/images.
You can save your attractive worlds in full HD
or HD movies/images expressed by an old lens
with rich individuality.
Electronic Image Stabilization helps to reduce an influence
of a camera shaking with any exchangeable lenses at movie
A digital zoom function up to 12x is supported. The Bellami
HD-1 can magnify the objects freely even if a single
focal length lens is used.
In a burst capturing mode, 8 images per second can
be achieved. The Bellami HD-1 can be sure to capture an
image at the decisive moment.
Since the Bellami HD-1 achieves to operate with two
AA batteries, you can get the batteries easily even if
the batteries are run out.
There is a tripod hole on the bottom of the body.
Ether a tripod or grip for the Bellami HD-1 is attached
to this tripod hole.
Almost all buttons concentrated on the left side of the
Bellami HD-1, therefore you can hold a camera with one
hand and operate it with the other hand.
The two types of the color filter, Sepia and
Monochrome can be available. This creates the
retro imaging world.
Using a color illusion function that has four image
processing filters, you can create the original
movies and images. “CG art” bring you to the
world of CG, “Reversal” to the reverse gradation
world, “Retro” to the 1940’s USA world with
blare of color and light vignetting shadow, and
“Pictorial” to the world of paintings.
The Bellami HD-1 offers the versatile 6 kind of frame
rate for the movie shooting.
Frame rate: 10fps, 15fps, 16fps, 18fps, 24fps, 30fps.
16 and 18 frame-per-second movie that is reminiscent
of the earliest movie film (16fps) and the 8mm film
(18fps). The combination of the low frame rate and old
lens can create a retro movie that must differ from
ones created by digital image processing on a PC .
An accessory conforming to the ISO standard
such as a flash light or a movie light can be
attached to the hot shoe on the top of the Bellami
Connecting a preferable music player to the AUX port, you
can create a movie with your preferable and high sound
quality BGM.
Connecting the Bellami HD-1 to a TV, an LCD monitor,
and a tablet computer with the HTMI input, you
can review the captured images and movies on the
larger screen.
Connecting the Bellami HD-1 to a computer through an
USB cable, you can enjoy the Bellami HD-1 as the high
performance Web camera.
Camera Specification
Type Interchangeable-lens full HD Digital Movie Camera
Sensor 1/3 inch, 2.12 mega pixel MOS image sensor
Lens mount D mount (Support C, CS, and M42 mount lenses by using option mount adaptors)
Standard Lens f=4mm, F1.2, D mount lens
View finder 0.47inch 1.44 megapixels color active matrix liquid crystal panel
Interface HDMI output
DC 5V input
USB2.0 (High speed)
AUX input (3.5mm stereo mini jack)
Headphone output (3.5mm stereo mini jack)
Sound Stereo condenser microphone, Internal speaker
Flash Hot shoe
Storage media Internal memory (187MB)
SD, SDHC, SDXC card (up to 128GB)
Power source Two AA batteries (NiMH or Alkaline)
AC to DC adaptor (5V)
Operating environment Temperature 0 - 40 degrees Celsius
Humidity 35%- 80%
Weight Camera + Lens 260g (without handgrip)
Size Camera body (without lens, handgrip) 9.6cmx9.5cmx3.3cm (WxHxD)
Functional specification
Movie Image Size FHD (1920x1080)
HD1 (1280x720)
QHD (960x540)
HD2 (1440x1080)
Frame rate 10, 15, 16, 18, 24, 30 fps
File format MOV (H.246/AVC, AAC)
Quality High, Standard
Still Image Image Size 16:9 2.0M (1920x1080)
16:9 1.0M (1280x720)
16:9 0.5M (960x540)
4:3 1.6M (1440x1080)
4:3 0.8M (1024x768)
4:3 0.3M (640x480)
3:2 1.4M (1440x960)
3:2 0.6M (960x640)
1:1 1.0M (1024x1024)
1:1 0.5M (720x720)
File format JPEG (Exif 2.3)
DNG (16:9 2.0M (1920x1080) only)
DCF 2.0 compatible
Still burst Image Size 16:9 2.0M (1920x1080)
16:9 1.0M (1280x720)
16:9 0.5M (960x540)
4:3 1.6M (1440x1080)
4:3 0.8M (1024x768)
4:3 0.3M (640x480)
3:2 1.4M (1440x960)
3:2 0.6M (960x640)
1:1 1.0M (1024x1024)
1:1 0.5M (720x720)
File format JPEG (Exif 2.3)
DCF 2.0 compatible
Mode Single burst: Set the number of images for 1 sec/shot. (up to 8 images.)
Multi-burst Select number of images in a second up to 8 images/sec..
5(Continuous capturing up to 10 images/shot)
Interval shooting Select the interval time up to 1 hour.
Digital zoom Up to x12
Hand shake correction Electronic camera shake correcting method
Exposure Auto-Exposure (aperture priority), Manual
Exposure compensation -2EV to +2EV
ISO speed Auto, 160 - 12800
Shutter speed Movie 1/30-1/10000 sec
Still Image: 2 sec-1/10000sec
Still Image 2sec~1/10000sec
Minimum illumination 0.2 Lux (F1.2, shutter speed:1/30 sec)
Flash setting Trigger output On/Off
Rear Sync./ Front Sync.
Color mode set Standard, Monochrome, Sepia
White balance Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Shade, Incandescent, Fluorescence (8 types)
One shot, custom
Contrast 7steps
Chroma set 7steps
Hue set 7steps
Sharpness set 7steps
Exposure Auxiliary Exposure Indicator
Sound sensitivity High, Middle, Low, Super Low
Playback Movie Playback (Normal playback, pause, Rewind, Advance)
Normal playback, Thumbnail playback (9 images), Slide show
Playback zoom Up to 10x
Delete Single delete, All delete, Format
Language Japanese, English
Operation sound Volume Large, Middle, Small, OFF
Shutter sound Volume Large, Middle, Small, OFF
Speaker Volume
Headphone output level
10 steps
Brightness of EVF 5steps
Self-timer 3 seconds, 10 seconds
Mass storage